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Our Management Team

Luc Richard

Luc Richard

Phone: 418 915-9090
Cell Phone: 819 352-4658

Luc Richard has more than 15 years of experience in business management. He has many successes under his belt. His extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a competent manager allows him to have an active, dynamic and business-like approach to the financing of enterprises. His background has led him to become one of the successful young entrepreneurs of Quebec. As a father, he is also involved in his community and in sports for youngsters. He also champions activities which deal with the well-being of youngsters.

Alfredo Prez

Alfredo Perez

Vice-president, MBA
Phone: 514 876-9669
Cell Phone: 514 603-9515

Alfredo Prez holds an MBA from the UQAM Management School. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial field, including nearly 15 years in the factoring business. Because of his experience, he is able to develop creative and efficient financing solutions for his clients. Mr. Prez is involved in his community and in various social activities, including a foundation and organizations which help youngsters.

Cynthia Robitaille

Cynthia Robitaille

Director of Accounts
Phone: 418 915-9090
Cell Phone: 418 929-3061

Her work experience has allowed Cynthia Robitaille to hold various positions in several enterprises. This work experience has involved expertise in the manufacturing field, in customer service and credit management. Today, as Director of Accounts, she calls on her knowledge to offer personalized and professional service to Distnet customers. She is the customers resource person for any additional credit needs and regarding relationships. As a mother, she relies on a healthy work-life balance to perform her work according to the highest standards.

Other Team Members

The Distnet team has more than 15 employees and several external collaborators. This team is constantly growing and each team member plays a decisive role within the group.
Every team member is proud to be an integral part of what we call the customer experience. This customer experience is based on quality, thoroughness and professionalism.

Our team is our strength.